Devil’s Vindate (2019)

Devil’s Vindate (2019)

Devil's Vindate

1h 17m

Country: China

Director: Ken Wang Jian

Actors: Michelle Jiang Meng-XuanTan Xin-Zer


2.93/ 5 2 votes
Movie plot

The play was adapted from Luo Guanzhong’s Ming Dynasty novel “Ping Yao Biography”. The film “Ruyi Tianshu” tells that during the Northern Song Dynasty, three foxes with different forms and ideas have been eager to snatch the heavenly books and cultivate them into immortals, and then entangled the human eggs with the books of the heavens, and the eggs are at this time for their mission. Still have no idea. In the process of entanglement with the three foxes, the egg is gradually growing, and there is a feeling of incompetence between the fox and the fox, and finally staged a world-famous aesthetic miraculous sadism.

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